Prestige Classes of Carrilion

Arcane Archer

Members of this class are of course elite elven archers. They are most common among the Highelves of the east and south, uncommon among the Nightelves and rare among the Woodelves of the west.

Arcane Trickster

All Arcane Tricksters of Carrilion must be followers of the god Lugh Lamfada, because the secrets of their training are guarded by his clerics and priests. Therefore the alignment requirement differs from the standard class. An Arcane Trickster of Carrilion can be of any neutral alignment (LN, NG, CN, NE, NN).


Only the major guilds of wizardry offer the education and knowledge to proceed in this class. Aspirants have to apply for membership in such a guild, found in Mondanburg, Frohnhaven, Greifenstein or Isenheim.


The only guilds of Assassins are found in the southern kingdom of Greifenstein as loyal special task units of the crown. There are at least two such units, one for inside and one for outside affairs.


The requirements for this class make it even more dangerous to become a Blackguard on Carrilion than in other places. A Blackguard is nearly everybody's enemy, because of his association with those in ostracism.

Dragon Disciple

Blue and brass dragons don't live on Carrillion, so native Dragon Disciples can't be their descendants.

In the Western Wood and the wooded lower mountains and foothills live green dragons; in the higher mountain ranges with volcanic activities dwell the red dragons; black dragons are very rare denizens of the largest swamps, especially Duskmoor; white dragons soar around the sides of the mountains well above the hunting grounds of the red dragons, living in a belt of perpetual ice, frost, and glaciers.

Most Dragon Disciples with chromatic dragon ancestors will be of the green variety, while blacks or reds are uncommon and whites are very rare.

The metallic dragons of the bronze variety live in the hills of the north, east and south near lakes and streams; copper dragons live in the hills too, but only near geysirs and hot springs, dwelling in great caverns of captivating beauty; it is unknown to the populace where gold and silver dragons live, although they are seen from time to time and place to place.

Most Dragon Disciples of a metallic variety have bronze dragon blood in their veins - silver is uncommon and gold is rare at best.


Training can be found in the big cities' fencing schools, in Mondanburg, Frohnhaven or Greifenstein.

Dwarven Defender

They are the elite warriors of Isenmark, the dwarven kingdom of the north.

(Eldritch Knight)

A class concept to improve multi-classed fighter type/arcane caster, but lacking in flavor in my opinion. My martial magician basic class was designed as an alternative.


Some of the special abilities of the class don't fit into the campaign or need some tinkering with.

(Horizon Walker)

Another class not completely appropriate for Carrilion.


The secrets are too combat-oriented for a class named loremaster in my opinion. I made a variant list, which can be found here.

(Mystic Theurge)

Usually not worth it; considered an underpowered, munchkin trap by some. In my opinion it's just a too shallow concept to make a multi-classed arcane and divine caster better than a complete loser that failed in the attempt. :-)

Maybe I'll have to build another basic class for casters who want to master both arcane and divine magic?

Retiarius or Tethranier

The retiarius prestige class was originally designed by Henry Lockwood in June 2007 and posted on, see the links page. I added some flavour text for my campaign and made a few minor changes to the abilities.

The class was inspired by the ancient roman gladiators named retiarius, who fight with trident and net wearing few protective armor. I like the idea of sea dwellers using this fighting style - hence the second name, which is derived from the seagod of the Fomóraigh.


The art of shadowdancing has been a well-guarded treasure of the Nightelves. The legendary Black Fox, a human from the kingdom of Mondan, managed to steal the secret from the Darkelves. They hunted the Fox ever after, but never caught him. He lived some 2000 years ago and nobody knows where he spent his final days and neither where his resting place might be. Only some fragmentary tales from Tulsurien, the kingdom in the Western Wood, speak of a so-called Palace of the Dancing Shadows, which might be connected to his life or death.

Treasure hunters and adventurers from all races and kingdoms failed to unveil the whereabouts of the secret. Not even the Darkelves have found their treasure yet - although they are the only ones who know what they are looking for.

To become a Shadowdancer a character must be either a Nightelf or find the secret that was hidden 2000 years ago.


No native divine caster in his right mind could choose this path, because he would loose his powers for this transgression. It's an agreement of all Tuatha dé Dannan to keep the denizens of the outer planes out of their realms and the world of mortals.

Conjurers are eyed with suspicion, Thaumaturgists are clearly heretics.

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