Lugh Lamfada

Intermediate God (14)

Symbol: Eight-spoked wheel
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Crafts, skills, intelligence, dexterity, light, courage, luck, youth
Worshipers: Craftsmen, artisans, wizards, rogues
Clerics: All five neutral alignments (NN, NG, NE, CN, LN)
Druids: none
Priests: Neutral
Domains: Craft, Luck, Magic, Sun, Trickery
Special abilities: Favoured animal and plant: Squirrel and cherry
Favoured weapons: Sling and spear

Lugh Lamfada is half Fomóraigh and half Tuatha dé Dannan: his mother Ethniu is the daughter of the terrible Balor, one of the kings of the Fomóraigh; his father is Cian and his grandfather Dian Cécht. He is the young and shining hero, the master of many crafts and skills; his second byname Samildánach indicates this.

He appears as a young man with long and curly blonde hair. His eyes are bright blue. Most of the time he wears some kind of crafter's clothes and his only weapon is a sling, but in dangerous times he is wearing light armor and a shield capable of dazzling his enemies. He then carries a magical spear, one of the four greatest artifacts of the Tuatha dé Dannan.

He is the god of light and noon and gives courage and cleverness to mortals. Lugh is the reason for the double meaning of the word "bright"...

His first byname Lamfada means "of the long hand" or "long-handed", a rather ambiguous name, therefore matching it's bearer. Cunning plans are prepared from long hand or beforehand and his skill with ranged weapons especially the sling and spear is legendary. Third time is a charm and there is in fact a third reason for his name: his great skill in the art of pilfering.

His great day is in fact a whole week, starting at the first of August. Vast markets for artwork and products of various craftsmen take place before the harvest time comes. All folk gathers to trade, to exchange information and to feast - which is a great opportunity for his other followers...

Of course the opportunity to celebrate is used extensively; most notably for marriages. The babies conceived during this joyful time will be born in spring, which is considered to be the best time.


A big part of Lugh's followers are artisans and most of them are proud not to be artists. They craft objects of great beauty and functional elegance, instead of art objects without any practical use. Functionality and intelligent design are of great importance to Lugh.

Courage is the will to follow a plan without hesitation. There is always a possibility of failure, but a good plan minimalizes it's probability. If things don't go as planned, courage is needed to change the plan or even abandon it and improvise completely. Luck is with the brave, and fortunately Lugh is the god of luck too!

Lugh is very fond of people who try to achieve some versatility. It's not smart to lay all eggs into one basket.

Organisation and Temples

Lugh's followers wear golden torques usually inlaid with silver and bright gems as well as a necklace with a golden eight-spoked wheel, which they use as their divine focus.

His followers may choose to pray at dawn or at noon. They have to decide when they acquire the class.

Most crafter's guilds, except the stone- and metal-working and a few other guilds, are associated with temples of Lugh.

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