Spells of Carrilion

General Cleric and Priest Spells

The general list for Clerics and Priests has been reduced to a list of really general spells. Many spells which can be found on one or more of the domain lists are gone, as well as thematically unfitting ones.

Overview of the available Domains

All domains are changed and many new ones have been designed, from abundance, autumn, battle, binding, craft ... to ... smithing, spring, summer, weather, and winter.

Each variant or new domain includes a zero-level spell, the granted powers are stronger or additional powers are given, to balance my variant Cleric class. To further differentiate Clerics of different deities many domains give access to (one or more) domain skills.

The overview page shows each domain followed by the major deities granting it.

Martial Magician Spells

The list resembles the Wizard/Sorcerer list, but some spells of the Martial Magician are lower or higher level than the same spell for a Wizard or Sorcerer.

New and modified Spells

A handful of variant and new spells...

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