Domain Overview

The following table includes a link to each domain and to the greater, intermediate and some other Tuatha dé Dannan who grant them.

Each page contains the name of the domain and some flavour text, granted powers and the doamin spells.

I added a 0-level spell to each domain and added granted powers to balance the down-sizing of clerics.

Domain Name Deities
Abundance Dagda, Artio
Air Morrígan, Epona
Animal Epona, Cernunnos, Artio, Boand
Autumn Nuadu
Battle Morrígan, Nemain
Binding Oghma
Chaos Brigit, Bath Catha, Nemain
Craft Lugh
Curse Morrígan, Medb
Cycle of Life Dana, Dagda
Darkness Arawn
Destruction Nemain
Earth Dana, Dagda, Cernunnos, Artio, Goibniu, Arawn
Evil Morrígan, Bath Catha, Medb, Arawn
Fire Brigit, Goibniu
Forest Cernunnos
Freedom Manannán, Fand
Good Brigit, Dian Cecht, Epona, Artio, Boand
Healing Dian Cecht, Boand
Knowledge Oghma
Law Nuadu, Arawn
Love Brigit, Medb, Fand
Luck Manannán, Lugh
Madness Bath Catha
Magic Oghma, Morrígan, Lugh
Moon Boand
Ocean Manannán
Persuasion Oghma
Plant Dana, Dagda, Cernunnos, Artio
Prophecy Dana, Bath Catha
Protection Diancecht, Nuadu, Bath Catha
Scripture Oghma
Smithing Goibniu
Spring Brigit, Cernunnos
Strength Oghma
Summer Dagda
Sun Brigit, Lugh
Travel Epona
Trickery Lugh, Medb
Undeath Arawn
War Nuadu
Water Dana, Manannán, Dian Cecht, Boand, Fand
Weather Dagda, Manannán, Epona
Winter Morrígan

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