Demigoddess (5)

Symbol: Duck
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Portfolio: Her river, love
Worshipers: Ferrymen, boatmen, watermillers, fishermen
Clerics: Chaotic good, chaotic neutral, neutral good
Druids: Chaotic neutral, Neutral good
Priests: Chaotic good
Domains: Freedom, Love, Water
Special abilities: Favoured animals and plant: Duck and reed
Favoured weapon: Shortspear

Fand is the goddess of the river Fain in Mondan, which originates in a forest in the duchy of Mondanei between Mondanburg and Shadowvale. Where she flows into the sea, she forms the border between Estland, a shire which belongs to the Mondanei and the shire Norderlormja, which is part of the duchy Esterkromland.

Fand always appears as some kind of waterfowl or as a beautiful woman. She is the paramour of Manannan, but is known to have liaisons with other gods and sometimes mortal heroes. She is not the goddess of fidelity...

Only once did Manannan interfere with her, when she felt in love so much, that she would leave him (permanently). He tricked both Fand and her lover to fall asleep and forget each other. Then he shook his enchanted cloak between them, so their paths can never cross again.


Fand cares for her river and loves freedom. She despises jalousy and avarice.

Organisation and Temples

All of Fand's temples are build at the riverbanks of the Fain, most often at a ford or including a ferry or watermill.

Her followers wear bronze torques and use a round bronze medallion depicting a duck as their divine focus.

Fand's followers must pray at dawn or noon, chosen at the time when the class is acquired.

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