Manannán mac Lir

Greater God (16)

Symbol: Conch-cornet
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Portfolio: Ocean, freedom, trade, luck, money, wealth, generosity
Worshipers: Seafarers, fishermen, merchants, treasure hunters, adventurers, pirates, rogues, fey of the sea and other sea-dwellers
Clerics: Chaotic neutral, chaotic good
Druids: Chaotic neutral, neutral
Priests: Chaotic neutral
Domains: Freedom, Luck, Ocean, Water, Weather
Special abilities: Favoured animals and plant: Seagull, dolphin and appletree
Favoured weapon: Longsword

Manannán is the son of Lir, the former god of the oceans. Since his father's retirement, he is the rightful ruler of the sea. His mother is Dana and Dagda his half-brother.

He rules all the oceans of the mortal and faerie realms. His island is called Emain Avalach, because of the famous appletrees growing there. A mortal eating a single apple stops to age for a year and is immune to normal diseases. Emain Avalach lies in the ocean west of Carrilion, a journey of seven days as the albatross flies.

Manannán drives a two-wheeled chariot across the waves drawn by seven merhorses. He likes to travel to Carrilion through the ocean of the mortal realm either turning around the northern or southern coast to reach the river of Fand, his paramour, in the kingdom of Mondan.


Live in the present and live free, don't care for the past. Each new wave breaking at the shore differs from the last. Any time you can start anew and reach new horizons.

Manannán wants his followers to live free and happy and they shall grant this to others as well. Conflicts shall be solved through diplomacy and compromises. Violence, war, retribution and hate are usually a waste of time. Building new things is better than destroying the old. He does not tolerate evil folk among his followers although he is neutral himself.

Manannan invented the concept of money and gave it to the mortals to facilitate trade. He despises avarice and hoarding of money, demanding munificence and generosity from his followers. But by no means they should partake in a bad bargain.

Whoever possesses more goods and money than he needs, can attain Manannan's favour if he excels in charity. Although he is not good himself, he doesn't accept evil followers.

Organisation and Temples

Manannan's followers wear silver torques inlaid with pearls and corals. Their divine focus is his symbol, a cornet made from a conch.

Each follower chooses to pray either at dawn, noon or dusk, at the time when he acquires his class.

All of Manannan's temples are build at the shore of the oceans surrounding Carrilion. They are always furnished magnificently, with a great feasthall at the center.

Manannan's followers announce feasts with the sounding of their great horns. They take place irregulary, whenever the end of a storm tide or an excellent fishing day warrants celebration.

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