Dwarven Races of Carrilion

The dwarves of Carrilion discern seven folks of dwarvenkind. The five most common folks can be described by one set of racial abilities, those of the mountain- and hilldwarves. Two less numerous folks are the netherdwarves, who better like to be called caverndwarves and the greydwarves, who use the term duergar from their own dialect of dwarvish to denominate their folk.
  1. Dwarves of the Westlandmark are called the Westerhill Dwarves.
  2. In the Mark Kattgori live the Kattgor Dwarves.
  3. Living in the hills of the Kronenmark are the so-called Kingsdwarves, to the chagrin of the others.
  4. Dwarves from the center of the Kronenmark living on Isenfels are named Isendwarves.
  5. Living on the southern border of the Isenmark, in the Mountainmark, are the hardy Mountaindwarves.
  6. In the deep underground of the Nethermark live the Netherdwarves, who call themselves Caverndwarves.
  7. The Duergar, called Greydwarves by all other folks live in some of the faerie realms.

To ignore or err with the racial membership of a dwarf will easily be interpreted as an insult. Netherdwarves almost never leave the deep underground and greydwarves dwell in the faerie realms of Arawn, Cernunnos and lesser deities of mountain ranges and valleys, chasms and ravines. Many people don't believe these dwarven folks exist, which of course is understood as an insult by dwarves.

A good fraction of nether- and greydwarves are above human standard in one additional ability and below human standard in another ability. This special quirk is different for both and put in brackets below. Ability boni and penalties in brackets are optional (player's choice), the character can be created solely with the standard ability modification (+2 Con and -2 Cha).

Some netherdwarves have a better common sense, perception and intuition, but are slower thinkers and don't learn as quick. These netherdwaves receive -2 Int and +2 Wis, see below.

Some greydwarves are weaker and have lesser physical power, but a better hand-eye coordination, greater agility, better reflexes and balance - quite comparable to the elves. These greydwarves get -2 Str and +2 Dex, see below.

Mountain- and Hilldwarves

Cavern- or Netherdwarves

Greydwarves or Duergar

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