Intermediate God (13)

Symbol: Hammer
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Metal, metalore, mining, masonry, smithery and metalwork, earth and fire
Worshipers: Smiths, miners, warriors, wizards
Clerics: Neutral good, lawful good, chaotic good
Druids: none
Priests: none
Domains: Earth, Fire, Smithing
Special abilities: Favoured animal and plant: Badger and plum
Favoured weapons: Warhammer and light hammer

Goibniu is the smith and mason of the Tuatha dé Dannan and one of the elder gods, friend and brother of Nuadu, Cernunnos and Dian Cécht.

He usually appears as a bearded man of quite dwarven looks: stout and stocky. Of the three human races he likes the dwarves best actually.

The blades and spearheads he makes never miss their target. When Goibniu invites to a feast, he serves exhilarating potions for his guests. They are made from his favourite fruit: plum wine, liqueur and schnapps.


Speech is silver, but silence is golden. Talking good is not as good as actually doing good. Don't waste your time, be productive and create things of lasting quality.

Organisation and Temples

Goibniu's followers bear iron torques and wear the work cloth of their trade or armor with a grey tunic and cloak. Their divine focus is a Warhammer or light hammer, which they may use for smashing their foes without desecrating it.

Goibniu's followers pray at dawn or noon, chosen at the time when the class is acquired. All mines and guildhalls of smiths and masons include a temple of Goibniu.

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