Intermediate God (12)

Symbol: Black five-pointed star
Alignment: Lawful evil
Portfolio: Death, darkness, tradition, honour, duty, prosecution, revenge, remembrance, legacy, wealth, luxury
Worshipers: Gravediggers, executioners, avengers, bounty hunters, inheritors
Clerics: Lawful evil, lawful neutral
Druids: none
Priests: Lawful evil
Domains: Darkness, Evil, Law, Undeath
Special abilities: Favoured animal and plant: Rat, bat and death cap
Favoured weapon: Shortsword

Arawn is the duke of Annwfyn, the land of the dead, a part of the underground faerie realm of Cernunnos. In the eternal gloom of his realm he resides in a vast crystal palace of enchanting magnificence. He is a gaunt man, dressed in grey and black garments of the finest cloth. Fine manners, wealth and luxury are of the greatest importance to him.

Arawn is the god of death - he comes for the souls of mortals when their time has come, guiding them into his realm, where most of them stay for some time.

His great night is the winter solstice, the longest night after the shortest day of the year.


Life is short and ends with death. Your burial gown doesn't have pockets, your wealth will and shall stay in the world of mortals for your inheritor's benefit.

The deceased deserve remembrance and honour from the living. Everybody owes his life to his anchestors, who managed to survive, procreate and build a functional society. Dangerous criminals are enemies of society and betray their forebears. They deserve nothing but death, sometimes not even that.

Organisation and Temples

Arawn's followers wear black cloaks and grey tunics or robes. Their torques are silver and their divine focus is a black five-pointed star made of cast iron, which is worn as an amulett.

The temples of Arawn are usually on the outskirts of settlements together with the cemetry. Temple and cemetry are surrounded by a common wall. No body shall enter or leave unauthorised.


An inviting gate to a cemetry under Arawn's protection.

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