Intermediate God (14)

Symbol: White Stag
Alignment: True neutral
Portfolio: Woods, forests, growth of life, animals, hunting, plants, budding, gardens, parks
Worshipers: Rangers, hunters, foresters, gardeners
Clerics: none
Druids: only neutral
Priests: only neutral
Domains: Animal, Earth, Forest Plant, Spring,
Special abilities: Favoured animals and plants: All, but especially stag, ram, wolf, otter, and snake; pine and beech
Favoured weapons: Shortspear and all bows

Cernunnos always appears to mortals as either an animal or human with the antlers of a stag. His name means "the horned one".

He is the king of the underground faerie realm and the duke of the forests. He is responsible for the rising of the sap in plants resulting in renewed growth in spring. In addition Cernunnos is the master of all animals.


Nature is sacred to Cernunnos and his followers. He even dislikes farming and breeding of animals and plants, because gathering and hunting are preferable. Therefore Cernunnos dislikes farmers and cities, he sees them as cause for an alienation with nature. The creation of parks and gardens in the cities is only a small comfort.

It is forbidden to slay animals who have to care for their offspring. Hunters have to respect the close season for each game animal as decreed by the gods. Of course young animals are out of bounds for hunters too.

The followers of Cernunnos help those who live according to his creed and protect animals and plants from those who don't. They return the like to those who kill or harm animals or plants against his command.

Organisation and Temples

Cernunnos' followers wear green and brown clothes and few metal items. Their torque is made of horn - it is used as their divine focus.

Cernunnos' followers are required to pray at dawn.

His temples are forests and parks. A glade hidden somewhere deep in the forest maybe with a small altar is all he wants and needs.


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