Cycle of Life

The cycle of life encompasses birth, death and rebirth. It is a universal rule stating that everything born must also die.

Undead - who cheat both life and death - are seen as abominable and must be destroyed or laid to rest. Also the draining of life energy through spells is a blasphemy which can force undeath on the victim.

The spells of this domain help battling undead, protect against their foul power to drain life and allow to give both life and death.

Deities: Dana and Dagda

Granted Powers:

Channeling: Turn undead.

Once per day, you can perform a greater turning against undead in addition to your regular turning. The greater turning is like a normal turning except that the undead creatures that would be turned are destroyed instead.

Note: 5 ranks of Knowledge (religion) give you a +1 bonus to the DC for (greater) turning undead.

Domain Spells

  1. Disrupt Undead: Deals 1d6 damage to one undead.
  2. Restoration, Lesser: Dispels magical ability penalty or repairs 1d4 ability damage.
  3. Status: Monitors condition, position of allies.
  4. Speak with Dead: Corpse answers one question/two levels.
  5. Death Ward: Grants immunity to death spells and negative energy effects.
  6. Raise DeadM: Restores life to subject who died as long as one day/level ago.
  7. Undeath to DeathM: Destroys 1d4 HD/level undead (max 20d4).
  8. Resurrection: Fully restore dead subject.
  9. Finger of Death: Kills one subject.
  10. True RessurectionM: As Resurrection, plus remains aren't needed.

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