Dagda Mór

Greater God (19)

Symbol: Iron Sceptre
Alignment: Lawful good
Portfolio: Leadership, law, abundance of nature, summer, noon, weather, harvest, earth, fertility, virility, pleasure, fatherhood, adult age
Worshipers: Leaders, fathers, farmers, men
Clerics: Lawful good, lawful neutral, neutral good
Druids: Neutral, lawful neutral, neutral good
Priests: None
Domains: Abundance, Cycle of Life, Earth, Plant, Summer, Weather
Special abilities: Favoured animals and plant: Eagle, bull and rowan tree
Favoured weapon: Greatclub

Dagda Mór is the great and good king of the Tuatha dé Dannan, his kingdom is the day's sky of the faerie realm and the mortal world. He bears the name Eochaid Ollathair, because he is the master and lord of both life and death - the All-father. Another name he bears is Ruad Rofhessa, the mighty magician and poet. Last but not least, he is one of the mightiest warriors among the Tuatha dé Dannan.

Usually he appears to mortals as a big man with curly brown hair. His enormous belly stretches his farmer's tunic and his kilt barely covers his bottom. Although he is the king of the gods he looks like a peasant. Those who face him with pride and haughtiness are invariably teached a lesson in courtesy and manners.

The great iron club of Dagda is so heavy that he pulls it behind him on two wheels. It kills each foe with just one hit of it's head, but a touch with the end of the haft raises the dead.

He owns the famous cauldron named "Everfull". It produces all food and drink Dagda commands, without ever running out of it.Three magical trees grow in his garden, each bearing many different and delicious fruits. In this garden lives a magical pig - if it's eaten in the evening, it lives again in the morning.

Dagda is a creator-god, the lord of abundance, who conceives new life and takes it back, when the cycle is completed. He gives hot summers with good weather and large crops. His holy day is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.


Dagda promotes the good order, which lets life in all it's forms thrive and prosper. He made the rules passed on in country sayings, giving advice on rural themes like sowing times. Dagda defined the social rules, adressing behaviour among family members or members of clans and folks.

His followers have to perpetuate the good order in society and farming. Dagda expects his clerics and druids to lead their people or at least give council to their leaders.

Organisation and Temples

His followers bear bronze torques and their divine focus is an iron sceptre - a light mace may be used for both fighting and casting spells.

Of course Dagda's followers are required to pray at noon, when the sun reaches the peak of it's daily journey.

The temples od Dagda's followers are usually located in or close to castles and palaces. Every temple is build around a central hall for celebrating and feasting.

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