The domain of War is under the control of Nuadu Airgetlám. He is an elder god who dislikes innovation and unconventional thoughts. War begins and ends with two men or women fighting each other - a duel or joust being the epitome of War. Modern concepts of strategy, tactic, deceit, cowardice are all despicable and pathetic ways to delay or avoid fighting - unworthy of the proud and honourable knight. A righteous war is fought in the open, after both parties deployed their armies on their side of the battlefield.

Therefore the spells and powers of this domain are straightforward: they strengthen, make tougher and increase your chances of survival in combat or harm, disable or kill your enemies.

Deities: Nuadu

Granted Powers:

You gain Martial Weapon Proficiency and Weapon Focus with the deity's favored weapon; Nuadu favors the longsword.

You gain the (variant) feat Toughness.

Domain Spells

  1. Virtue: Subject gains 1 temporary hp.
  2. Magic Weapon: Weapon gains +1 bonus.
  3. Spiritual Weapon: Magical weapon attacks on its own.
  4. Magic Vestment: Armor or shield gains +1 enhancement per four levels.
  5. Divine Power: You gain attack bonus, +6 to Str, and 1 hp/level.
  6. Flame Strike: Smite foes with divine fire (1d6/level damage).
  7. Blade Barrier: Wall of blades deals 1d6/level damage.
  8. Power Word Blind: Blinds creature with 200 hp or less.
  9. Power Word Stun: Stuns creature with 150 hp or less.
  10. Power Word Kill: Kills creature with 100 hp or less.

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