Nuadu Airgetlám

Intermediate God (15)

Symbol: Fist of Silver
Alignment: Lawful neutral
Portfolio: Law, war, protection, honour, abdication, relinquishment, decline, autumn, evening, old age
Worshipers: Guards and soldiers, judges, lawyers, prosecutors, the aged
Clerics: Any lawful (LN, LG, LE)
Druids: none
Priests: none
Domains: Law Autumn, War, Protection
Special abilities: Favoured animals and plant: Dog, lizard and hazel tree
Favoured weapon: Longsword

Nuadu was king of the Tuatha dé Dannan before Dagda. He is still both dure and just, a great military leader and sword-fighter. His magical sword was made by Goibniu and never misses it's target. It's one of the three artifacts, which are the greatest treasure of the Tuatha dé Dannan.

Nuadu's left forearm and hand were cut off in a battle against the Fir Bolg and therefore he lost the rightful lordship. In favour of Dagda and peace among the Tuatha dé Dannan he abstained from Dian's offer to heal and regrow his arm. Instead of a true healing he ordered Dian and Credne to craft him an artificial hand from silver. From this time on he was Nuadu with the byname Airgetlám, which means Silverhand.

Nuadu is the god of waning power, of those who have to economise, and of the season autumn. His great day is the equinox at the beginning of autumn.


Nuadu demands adherence to law and order - always. His abdication is the great example for his followers: to achieve tho best for the order of the cosmos, he sacrificed his regality. Thus he avoided strife and chaos between the Tuatha dé Dannan and the Fomoraigh and kept peace for his people.

Individuals are obliged to abdicate in favour of family, clan, and society. Every man fit for military service has to get military training and serve his community. Either as a soldier to protect against outside threats or as a guard or vigilante protecting against criminals and other threats from the inside.

The god of autumn advises people to save provisions for the winter season and seeds for springtime. In adult life everybody shall save part of his earnings for his own old age, to avoid to be dependend on the family or clan.

Organisation and Temples

Nuadu accepts only clerics as followers. Only these are martial enough to serve him and to go to war as soldiers of an army.

His clerics bear torques of silver and the best armor they can use, but they never wear shields. On their left hand they wear a silver gauntlet, which is their divine focus. A right gauntlet may not be used for this purpose. When a cleric of Nuadu carries a shield or weapon in his left hand, he can't cast spells for which a divine focus is used.

Usually Nuadu's clerics wear a dark brown tunic above their armor with the silver fist on the chest and bright red cloaks.

They are required to pray at dusk without choice.

Elite fighters are trained in the temples, which resemble barracks: the buildings are arranged around a big yard, where wooden dummies, straw targets and other training tools are installed. Every young man has the right to be trained here, if he commits himself to a certain time of service in the local watch or army for example. Therefore Nuadu's temples are well regarded in many communities and supported with enough money for the maintenance of the trainees, the staff and the expenses for training equipment.


Autumn, the season of Nuadu.

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