Intermediate Goddess (12)

Symbol: Wild boar
Alignment: Chaotic neutral
Portfolio: Battlerage, fury, death-defying valour, destruction, chaos
Worshipers: Battleragers, fighters, warriors, rebels, rioters, bards
Clerics: Chaotic neutral, chaotic good, chaotic evil
Druids: Chaotic neutral, neutral
Priests: none
Domains: Battle, Chaos, Destruction
Special abilities: Favoured animal and fungus: Boar and fly agaric (see below)
Favoured weapon: Greataxe

Nemain is a daughter of Morrígan and the twin-sister of Badh Catha. Her lover Néit is a lesser god of battle. She usually appears as a seductively beautiful and young women, but wears armor and wields a greataxe. She is at least five inches taller than her twin-sister and almost brawny.

She is the most important goddess of the battleragers from the barbaric clans, who live far from civilized lands in the foothills of the central mountains. Like her sister she will use her magical powers in battle, but after a short time she'll inevitably lose her temper and rush into melee.


Those who don't fight for it, do not deserve freedom. Those who fight will live a glorious life, so they need not fear death.

Everybody shall live and fight for family, clan and kingdom as he wants. Being a part of society doesn't mean you shouldn't make your own decisions and choices. Even the king hasn't the right to restrict your freedom, it's his duty to keep his people free.

Organisation and Temples

Few druids follow Nemain, but her many clerics are awesome warriors.

They bear torques of red copper and use a sceptre with a boarhead or a copper amulett depicting a boar as their divine focus.

Nemain's followers are required to pray at dawn. Who knows, if you will see another dusk...

Her temples are always close to places where battleragers live, for example in the barbaric villages or near the halls of the Fianna in civilized regions.


Nemain's favoured toadstool and an important ingredient for potions of Rage...

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