This domain represents natural abundance: the trees bearing fruits, nuts and seeds, rivers and lakes full of fishes and the rich crop in the fields. It is acociated with the good aspect of nature and the positive aspects of life.

The bad and destructive aspects of nature like famine, draught and other desasters aren't part of this domain.

Most of the spells are of a helpful, supporting and creating type. Some spells could be used in a way contrary to the spirit of the domain and have to be used with caution.

Deities: Dagda and Artio

Granted Powers:

Surge of Vitality:
For a total time per day of one round per relevant class level you can greatly improve your stamina and vitality. You gain an enhancement bonus to Constitution equal to 4 + your Charisma modifier. Activating and dismissing the power is a free action. It lasts until the maximum duration is reached or you dismiss it, whichever comes first. Hit points gained are not temporary hit points and are lost when the Constitution returns to normal. This granted power is a supernatural ability.

You gain both Skill Focus (Survival) and Skill Focus (Knowledge (nature)) and add Survival and Knowledge (nature) to your list of class skills.

Domain Spells

  1. Create Water: Creates 2 gallons/level of pure water.
  2. Goodberry: 2d4 berries each cure 1 hp (max 8 hp/24 hours).
  3. Soften Earth & Stone: Turns stone to clay or dirt to sand or mud.
  4. Plant Growth: Grows vegetation, improves crops.
  5. Minor Creation: Creates one cloth or wood object.
  6. Insect Plague: Locust swarms attack creatures.
  7. Heroes' Feast: Food for one creature/level cures and grants combat bonuses
  8. Control Weather: Changes weather in local area.
  9. Mage's Magnificent Mansion: Door leads to extradimensional mansion.
  10. Miracle: Requests a deity's intercession.

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