Intermediate Goddess (13)

Symbol: Bear
Alignment: Neutral good
Portfolio: Wilderness, untilled land, wild animals, motherliness, birth, life in harmony with nature
Worshipers: Rangers, hunters, foresters, game wardens, mothers, foster mothers, midwives
Clerics: none
Druids: Neutral good, neutral
Priests: Only neutral good
Domains: Earth, Abundance, Good, Animal, Plant
Special abilities: Favoured animals and plants: Bear and Oak
Favoured weapon: Scimitar

Artio is the daughter of Dana and Cernunnos, and therefore a half-sister of Dagda, Manannan and Epona. She is the duchess of lightly forested hills and plains, a realm between those of her father Cernunnos and her half-sister Epona.

She protects the land and all who dwell there. Artio especially cares for mothers, foster mothers and midwives, protecting birth and the newborn.

Artio often appears as an adult woman accompanied by a bear of some kind. Sometimes she appears as a female bear. More than once she raised orphans, abandoned children or orphaned bear cubs in this guise.


Artio requests that her followers live in harmony with nature. It is forbidden to slay animals who have to care for their offspring. Hunters have to respect the close season for each game animal as decreed by the gods. Of course young animals are out of bounds for hunters too.

Those who need help have to be taken care of, especially orphaned children and young animals.

Organisation and Temples

Artio's priests and druids live in natural surroundings, but usually close to settlements. They roam the area and watch over nature and its inhabitants.

Artio's priests and druids wear torques carved from oakwood, inlaid with gold, silver and even gems. They use either a bear-figurine or a medallion depicting a bear as their divine focus.

Her followers pray at dawn or noon, chosen at the time when he acquires his class.

Artio's priests and druids don't build temples, they choose natural places for worship, whose grandeur and beauty strengthen the faith in the divinity of nature; for example a grove of ancient oak trees, a unique knoll, or a hidden and serene vale.


A small vale protected by Artio.

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