Badh Catha

Intermediate Goddess (14)

Symbol: Raven
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Portfolio: Bale, doom, horror, terror, fear, pain and prediction thereoff; insecurity, wariness, cowardice, madness.
Worshipers: Rogues, thieves, cowards, assassins, spies
Clerics: Chaotic evil, neutral evil, chaotic neutral
Druids: Neutral, chaotic neutral, neutral evil
Priests: Chaotic evil
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Madness, Prophecy, Protection
Special abilities: Favoured animals and plant: Raven, magpie and birch
Favoured weapon: Dagger

Badh Catha is a daughter of Morrígan and the twin-sister of Nemain. She appears before battle to name those who will die. Her appearance scares the mightiest heroes, because she looks like a horrible old hag with various deformities - usually. If she wants to, she appears as a seductively beautiful and young women with raven-black hair and pale skin.

Badh Catha is the goddess of assassins, thieves and spies, those who take things covertly, who cause trouble and sabotage even before a war begins.

She won't fight in battles with physical weapons, instead she uses terrible magic to confuse and terrorize the enemy, while enraging and protecting the Tuatha dé Dannan and their allies.


He who betakes himself to peril, might perish in peril. Don't fight your enemies, if others can fight them for you.

Badh Catha prefers deceit to win a fight before it actually happens. Her followers shall only fight from an advantageous position. If victory is a questionable result, they have failed in their preparations.

Using fear and terror so that enemies surrender before they draw their weapons and before they go to war is actually better yet.

Organisation and Temples

Badh Catha's followers live near or in settlements. They fight with their people against their enemies and of course honour their family and clan. Her followers will instigate raids and battles, if live gets too good. Without an outside threat, they will try to create strife among neighbouring clans to ensure that there is always someone to fight against.

Badh Catha's followers bear torques of silver and use a silver figurine or amulett depicting a raven as their divine focus. They favour black, purple, dark red and similar colours.

Each follower chooses to pray either at dawn, dusk or midnight; at the time when he acquires his class.

Badh Catha's temples are black, with silver and white ornaments. Most of them are more or less secretly in league with thieves and other criminals.

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