Intermediate Goddess (12)

Symbol: White Cow
Alignment: Lawful good
Portfolio: Domestic animals, housekeeping, farming, rivers and springs, the moon, virtue
Worshipers: Mothers, nurses and midwives, farmers, shepherds, ferrymen, boatmen
Clerics: Lawful good, lawful neutral, neutral good
Druids: Neutral, lawful neutral, neutral good
Priests: Lawful good
Domains: Animals, Good, Healing, Moon, Water
Special abilities: Favoured animals and plant: Cow, dove and trout; water lily
Favoured weapon: Spear

Boand is the mysterious goddess of the moon. The names of her anchestors are not known. Even Oghma, who is the god of knowledge and one of the oldest gods, can not tell. Boand is and always has been the queen of the moon, where she lives in a crystal palace. She empowers the required spells under the light of the full moon to cure afflicted lycanthropes.

To mortals she appears as one of her favoured animals or as a beautiful women neither young nor old. Her hair is silvery blond, her skin like buttermilk and her eyes are a sparkling blue.

Boand is the goddess of farming and domestic animals, she protects the household and virgins. She is a mothergoddess and a goddess of many rivers and lakes.

The fact that she is the paramour of Dagda further increases her influence among the Tuatha dé Dannan.


Boand wants her followers to support and protect society and care for the weak and vulnerable. She requires good and responsible treatment for things and creatures under control of her followers.

Boand requires her followers to control themselves. Losing one's temper is a sin for a worshiper of Boand. One of the most horrible ways to lose control is the curse of lycanthropy, transforming the victim into a raging and bloodthirsty beast. Therefore many of Boand's followers hunt afflicted lycanthropes to heal them. Natural lycanthropes aren't tolerated in or near settlements. They are chased away, kept enclosed or killed.

Organisation and Temples

Boand's temples guard springs and wells or they are build on riverbanks.

Her followers wear torques made from gold, inlaid with silver and white, yellow and light blue gems. Their garments are usually light grey, white, and blue. They use a round silver medallion representing the full moon and depicting a cow as their divine focus.

Boand's followers are required to pray at dusk.


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