Dian Cécht

Intermediate God (15)

Symbol: Silver Cross
Alignment: Neutral good
Portfolio: Health, art of healing, herbalism, medicine, potions, sanitation, bath and washing
Worshipers: Physicians, medics, barber-surgeons, vermin exterminators, ratters
Clerics: none
Druids: Neutral good, neutral
Priests: Neutral good
Domains: Good, Healing, Protection, Water
Special abilities: Favoured plant: Mistletoe
Favoured weapon: Sickle

Dian Cécht is the god of healing and the physician of the gods. After battle he bathes the wounded and dead in his magical pond "Slán" from which they emerge whole and living.

He appears as an adult man with long brown hair held by a white hair-band. His eyes are light brown. He is usually clean-shaven and very tidy. He wears a white robe and a light grey cloak. He gathers healing herbs with a golden sickle.


Only death from old age is a natural death according to Dian. He - unlike many less caring deities - wants to protect sentient beings from injuries and diseases and heal them with his crafts.

The followers of Dian teach sanitation and the benefits of tidiness to avoid diseases. Keeping vermin out of the house is important to them too.

They know that battles and fights are sometimes unavoidable and recognise that injuring or killing the enemy is neccessary to survive in certain cases. The followers of Dian don't like fighting and use violence only as a last resort, but they are not pacifists.

Organisation and Temples

Dian's followers wear torques of silver and a necklace with a silver cross around the neck as their divine focus. They wear light grey, white and similar pale colours.

They pray either at dawn or noon, at the time when he acquires his class.

Dian's temples always include a hospital, asylums, or bath house. In fact there is nearly no such institution without an associated temple of Dian.

Misteln in einer Eiche

The holy plant of Dian, mistletoe, growing on an oaktree.

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