Intermediate Goddess (15)

Symbol: White Mare
Alignment: Chaotic good
Portfolio: Unicorns, horses, mounts and beasts of burdens, good weather, heath and plain lands under the open sky, land travel, fords, hospitality
Worshipers: Riders, breeders, stable-boys, travellers on the land
Clerics: Chaotic good, neutral good, chaotic neutral
Druids: Chaotic neutral, neutral good, true neutral
Priests: Chaotic good
Domains: Air, Animal, Good, Travel, Weather
Special abilities: Favoured animal and plant: Horse and whitethorn
Favoured weapon: Shortbow

Epona is a daughter of Dana and Cernunnos, sister of Artio and half-sister of Dagda. She appears to mortals in the shape of a white mare or a beautiful woman with long brown hair and tanned skin.

Her realm is the land under an open sky where horses run free: heath, plains, and grasslands.


Animals and their masters should honour their pact. The master cares for his mount, beasts of burdens, watchdog as well as his other animals and they fulfill their tasks. Followers of Epona are suspected to free animals from cruel or unjust masters.

Those travelling the land and wild animals shall move freely. Fences and walls shall not impede them. They have their place around gardens and cities, but not across the land.

Epona blesses travellers and those who accommodate them. She despises guests who betray their host as well as people who exploit travellers in need of board and lodging.

Organisation and Temples

Epona has many clerics and druids, but few priests among her followers. They wear white flowing garments and bronze torques.

The divine focus of Epona's followers is a horse either as a figurine or depicted on a medallion of bronze.

Each follower chooses to pray either at dawn, noon, or dusk, at the time when he acquires his class.

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