Intermediate Goddess (13)

Symbol: Red heart
Alignment: Neutral evil
Portfolio: Craving, lust, seduction, deceit, deception, jalousy, retaliation
Worshipers: Beguilers, seducers and seductresses, forgers, thieves, cheated or spurned lovers, working girls
Clerics: Neutral evil, lawful evil, chaotic evil
Druids: Neutral evil, neutral
Priests: Neutral evil
Domains: Curse, Evil, Love, Trickery
Special abilities: Favoured animals and plant: Marten, weasel and juniper
Favoured weapon: Dart

Medb is a goddess of fascinating beauty, who loves to tempt and seduce men. Her hair is a strange colour between honey-blond and red, her skin is clean and white and her lustrous blue eyes enchant all men. She can disguise herself perfectly or magically appear to every beholder as the perfect woman.

She is a daughter of Dana, but her father is unknown - probably he is one of the Fomóraigh. She has a violent temper and will lose it at the slightest provocation. No wise man should treat her unkind or dismissive, for her wrath is terrible and long-lasting.


Medb encourages women to have as much lovers as they please. These lovers should be treated like the slaves that they are. They must be faithful and give their mistress all pleasures and fulfill their wishes without jealousy and avarice to accumulate worldly riches is not the least of these.

Organisation and Temples

Medb's followers bear golden torques and their divine focus is a medallion with her symbol. Of course, most of her followers are females. Only very few male clerics follow her and no male priests.

The followers of Medb are required to pray at dusk.

Her temples are usually located in larger settlements and are always led by the women of the clergy. Men are not allowed to become highpriest of a temple. Many men come to her temples to donate and gain the favour of Medb and her clergy and servants.

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