Greater Goddess (17)

Symbol: Black cat
Alignment: Neutral evil
Portfolio: Battle, war, coercion, evil, harm, curses, magic, night, nightmares, afterlife, incorporeal undead, air, winter, nightelves, evil fey
Worshipers: Warriors, wizards, sorcerers, oppressors, murderers, bandits, nightelves
Clerics: Neutral evil, lawful evil, chaotic evil
Druids: Neutral, neutral evil
Priests: none
Domains: Air, Battle, Curse, Evil, Magic, Winter
Special abilities: Favoured animals and plant: Cat, crow and elder bush
Favoured weapon: Greatsword

Morrígan is the dark sister of Dana. She is a raven-haired beauty with dark eyes. Usually she appears to mortal men in the shape of a terrible old hag with thin hair, a lopsided face, sometimes one-eyed, with legs of different length or other deformities. Only those bold enough and not shying at her sometimes win her favour.

Morrígan rules the night, one of her names is Nightmare-Queen. Her realm is the nightsky of the mortal world and the corresponding faerie realm. Under rare circumstances she allows the return of a dead human or elven soul to haunt the living, for example as a ghost. Most of the other Tuatha dé Dannan don't approve of this behaviour.

Morrígan is the goddess of winter, the barren season of snow and frost. Whoever is too weak shall not survive to see another spring. Her great night is the winter solstice, the longest night after the shortest day of the year.


Easy living makes you weak. The strong and capable shall live the best life possible, they alone deserve to lead and command others. Might makes right is the only right that is self-preserving, nothing more is needed. The weak shall serve the strong, living under their protection and rule.

Morrígan loves wars and battles, scattering the foes of the Tuatha dé Dannan and prefering their enslavement over their death. She demands that her followers instigate raids and battles, if live gets too good.

Organisation and Temples

Morrígan's clerics and druids live near or in the settlements of elves, men or fey. They fight with their people against their enemies and of course honour their family and clan.

Morrígan's followers bear silver torques and use a silver amulett depicting a black cat as their divine focus. They wear dark coloured or black clothes.

The followers of Morrígan are required to pray at midnight.

Morrígan's temples are black, with silver and red ornaments. The windows are closed at day and opened at night. An inner courtyard open to the nightsky is used for ceremonies.


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