Oghma Cermait

Greater God (18)

Symbol: His face depicted in gold
Alignment: Neutral good
Portfolio: Rhetoric, eloquence, persuasion, charisma, wrestling, strength, binding, magic, scripture, intelligence, knowledge, science
Worshipers: orators and spell-binders, politicians, scientists, sages, wizards, scribes, wrestlers
Clerics: Neutral good, lawful good or chaotic good
Druids: Neutral or neutral good
Priests: Only neutral good
Domains: Binding, Knowledge, Magic, Persuasion, Scripture, Strength
Special abilities: Favoured animal and plant: Fox and Ivy
Favoured weapon: the wrestler's emty hand

Oghma usually appears as an old man, with bald head, white beard, and skin that is tanned by the sun. His muscular body and lissome motions defy his age.

Oghma bears the name Cermait, meaning Honeytongue, because he is the master of eloquence, persuasion and rhetoric. He binds those listening with words and magic. His other name Grianainecht means "shining countenance".

Oghma is the master of the wrestling art, binding his opponents just as easily with his superior technique and skill as with his speech. Nobody can escape his grip.

Oghma gave the first scripture named Ogam to all intelligent beings. He made it possible for the specially gifted to develop a whole new branch of magic: wizardry, which depends on the binding of arcane magic to written words.


Oghma wants to improve the life of his followers and their folks with knowledge. His followers watch over new-found and old knowledge and prevent the spreading of harmful knowledge. The investigation of demonology, necromancy and other foul magical arts is forbidden, unless the purpose is to find informations that can be used against fiends and undead.

Useful knowledge is to be written down and preserved. Harmful knowledge shall be kept in secret and made unavailable.

Oghma's followers are required to think before they speak and speak before they act. That's not a self-evident course of action on Carrilion.

Even in a conflict they are requested to try their powers to persuade the opponents, before they use magical or mundane forces to vanquish them, preferably without killing them, unless these foes are irredeemable evil like demons and devils.

Organisation and Temples

Clerics and priests are roughly equal in numbers (each 40% of his followers), while druids are quite uncommon (20% of his followers).

Oghma's followers bear golden torques sometimes jewelled with ambers. A golden amulett depicting Oghma's face is used as their divine focus.

Each follower chooses to pray either at dawn or noon, at the time when he acquires his class.

Oghma's temples are always affiliated to a library, scriptorium, or university and include a gymnasium for balancing the mental work with bodily exercises like wrestling and boxing for example. The followers of Oghma won't tolerate such an institution if it's not under their surveillance.

Wizard guilds are required to have an Oghma-temple belonging to them too. Oghma's followers survey the magical explorations and creations to prevent the study of the mentioned forbidden arts and production of evil magic items.

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