Elves and Half-elves of Carrilion

Compared to humans, elves have a better hand-eye coordination, greater agility, better reflexes and balance. The health and stamina of high- and woodelves are below the human average, while nightelves have reduced muscle and physical power.

A good fraction of elves belonging to each subrace below is above human standard in one additional ability and below human standard in another ability. This special quirk is different for each of the elven races and put in brackets below. Ability boni and penalties in brackets are optional (player's choice), the character can be created solely with the standard ability modification: +2 Dex and -2 Con for high- and woodelves, -2 Str, +2 Dex for nightelves.

Some highelves are very smart and quick learners, but lack common sense, perception, and intuition. These highelves get +2 Int and -2 Wis, see below.

Some woodelves are very strong-willed and intuitive, but introverted and inapt to persuade others. These woodelves get +2 Wis and -2 Cha, see below.

Nightelves frequently have strong personalities, and a certain personal magnetism, but they lack common sense, perception, and intuition. These nightelves get +2 Cha and -2 Wis, see below.


Half-elf with highelven parentage


Half-elf with woodelven parentage


Half-elf with nightelven parentage

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