Greater Goddess (17)

Symbol: Brigit-cross
Alignment: Chaotic good
Portfolio: Fire and sun, fascination, enthusiasm and ardour, beauty and art, inspiration, youth, spring, morning, passion and love, inebriation
Worshipers: Bards and all artists, lovers, archers, sorcerers, elves
Clerics: Chaotic good, neutral good, chaotic neutral
Druids: Neutral good, chaotic neutral, neutral
Priests: Chaotic good
Domains: Chaos, Fire, Good, Love, Spring, Sun
Special abilities: Favoured animals and plant: Hare, rooster and grapevine.
Favoured weapon: Longbow and composite longbow

Brigit is young and beautiful with hair as red as red flames and pale skin. She commands the element fire and together with her brother Aed, charioteer of the sun-chariot, she is responsible for the sun's journey through the sky.

She sets on fire the hearts of mortals to burn with love. Artists who pray for her grace, may receive the spark of inspiration from Brigit. She is the goddess of enthusiastic beginnings, of youth and spring.

Her favoured animal the rooster renders homage to her every morning. Every year in spring the hares delight her anew, when the young leave their den for the first time to play in the meadows - while the grownups make sure the forthcoming offspring.

Brigit's holy day is the equinox at the beginning of spring. Large bonfires are lighted at dusk for a feast that lasts until dawn at the first day of spring. The whole night wine flows like water and brandy like fire, until everybody dances to the stirring and enthralling music.


Brigit demands dedication and ardour for everything done. To do something without passion is a waste of time.

In both love and art there can be no restrictions and no force. Creating great art and living true love demand the fullest attention. If you let yourself be distracted or try to enforce it, you wont be able to create true art or find (let alone preserve) true love.

Organisation and Temples

The followers of Brigit wear golden torques jewelled with gems of fiery colours. They wear red, orange and yellow coloured clothes.

All followers of Brigit are required to pray at dawn. They don't have a choice.

The holy symbol and divine focus of Brigit is a cross consisting of four slats. Each is connected to the next at one-third it's length. It is usually worn as an amulett around the neck.

The templess of Brigit are bardic colleges or schools for musicians, painters, sculptors, and other artists, or vine-growing estates.


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