Saint Benedikt

Demigod (2)

Symbol: Silver Dragon
Alignment: Lawful good
Portfolio: Knighthood, protection of the weak, helping those in need, defending order and good, nobleness as the true nobility
Worshipers: Paladins, all those fighting or living for law and good.
Priests: Lawful Good
Domains: Good, Healing, Law, Protection
Special abilities: Favoured animal and plant: Horse, dog, falcon and rose
Favoured weapon: Lances and longsword

Saint Benedikt once was a great hero, a human mortal who came to Carrilion with the ships of King Ulan Mac Mondan. But he was neither a hero at that time nor was his name Saint Benedikt. It was a long path fate led him, until a council convoked by Dana gave him the name Saint Benedikt together with immortal life and a shire in the faerie realm.

He appears as a human knight wearing his enchanted half-plate armor together with a large metal shield bearing his coat of arms: a silver dragon on deep blue ground. He rides a great dapple-grey warhorse wielding a heavy lance or his holy sword.


Protect the weak, who can not protect themselves. Protect the good order of celtic society against anarchy and chaos. Be loyal to the rightful rulers and the Holy Order of the Silver Dragon. Heal the sick and wounded and teach them sanitation to avoid future illness. Raise the orphaned children and give them education, faith and hope. Always be a shining example of the virtues of your faith.

Organisation and Temples

The temples of Saint Benedikt are always part of fortified monasteries. The priesthood and elder paladins instruct and train the orphans who are raised here. Most of them will become craftsmen and -women, farm labourers or lay brothers and sisters, who work for the monastery. Few are honoured with advanced martial and religious training. Most of these become brothers in arms who serve as guards and soldiers. Only the chosen few, who are worthy of paladinhood may pass the holy test.

The paladins or knights of the Holy Order of the Silver Dragon usually wear the best armour they can afford and a large shield bearing Saint Benedikt's coat of arms.

The knights wear a deep blue tunic and cloak with silver borders, while the garments of the brothers in arms have white borders. The priests wear long white robes and deep blue cloaks. The torques of Saint Benedikt's followers are silver with silver dragon heads at both ends.

Saint Benedikt's priests and paladins are required to pray at noon, when the sun reaches the peak of it's daily journey.

It's common for larger monasteries to house small temples of Dian Cecht, Epona or Boand additionally.

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